Death of a themer

Slides from and video of the Death of a Themer talk I gave at DrupalCamp London.

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Mon, 2013-03-04 09:57By mcjim

Slides from and video of the Death of a themer talk I gave at DrupalCamp London.

I talked about the techniques we've been using recently to allow a web designer to take full control over the markup output by Drupal.

The designer can be given the freedom to write the most appropriate semantic, lightweight HTML, CSS and JS for the site. The site builder can configure Drupal to output this markup when putting together content types, views and panels.

We also completely remove all of the JavaScript and CSS that is supplied by Drupal, so careful thought must be given to whether this is the most appropriate method of theming for your needs. The advantages are obvious, though: fast, straight-forward theming that can take full advantage of current best-practices in front-end design and development.

No themers were harmed in the session, you'll be pleased to know.