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Optimise your CMS

Drupal 7 will reach its End of Life in January 2025. Drupal 10 is here now.

In addition to the loss of Drupal 7 Core support, several contributed modules are receiving less attention. 

In most cases, the migration process is complex. However, with our expertise, 50% of our clients are already enjoying a feature-rich Drupal 9+ site.

If your website is running on Drupal 7 (or older), we can help.

Start your migration journey to Drupal 10

Each site's migration path from Drupal 7 to Drupal 10 will be unique. We take on the heavy lifting of working out the state of your existing site, planning out the rebuild, figuring out how to transfer your content and then making sure it's tested and working beautifully before going live.

We can apply this process to sites not on Drupal as well. So Drupal 10 may also be a wise option for site owners seeking a new CMS altogether.

While there's still time until Drupal 7 reaches its end of life, now is the time to be considering and planning out your route to Drupal 10. Let us help you.

Benefits of Drupal 10:

  • Improved performance (including accessibility) and scalability
  • New features to Drupal Core and backwards compatibility features arriving every 6 months (9.1 and upward)
  • Full multilingual support in all content and configuration
  • Routinely supported by security fixes
  • Mobile-first UI

Let's plan your Drupal migration

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Site audit

Drupal sites are all unique, with their own individual configurations, content, audience, etc. However, they all use the same core infrastructure.

Before migrating or rebuilding your site, we recommend a full site audit.

We'll investigate and fix your codebase if there are any deprecated code or composer compatibility issues before attempting the upgrade itself.

Our audits can include: Performance and security, Core and contributed modules, custom modules, theme (including accessibility), code quality, hosting and SEO.

Site rebuild

For small to medium sites in terms of content and functionality, we recommend you rebuild as soon as possible, especially if you're thinking about changing that content, design or functionality.

We suggest rebuilding your site from scratch, into which you can inject your content, then the Drupal 7 site retired.

By re­build­ing, you have the chance to im­prove the site by elim­i­nat­ing un­nec­es­sary code. 

Going to Drupal 9 also means your site is rebuilt in the most stable version of Drupal.


For larger and more complex sites, you will need to rebuild your site and migrate your functionality. 

You must move all content and custom modules, find and replace any alternative modules (or build them from scratch) and rewrite your front-end.

We have a rigorous migration plan that takes your site, step-by-step, through the process of managing resources, security, transfer and testing; resulting in a completely new site filled with the original content.

Review and test

Following your rebuild and/or functionality migration, our thorough review and testing process ensures that the upgrade is complete and successful.

Once this has been done, future upgrades will be easier once your site is on Drupal 9.

Depending on your requirements, we can undergo end-to-end testing, including: integration testing, non-functional tests, CMS authoring, content testing and responsive testing.



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