The flexibility and scale of AWS combined with specialist knowledge

We team our highly tuned Linux stack with the AWS platform to bring a fully managed solution for enterprise web hosting. Whether you're exploring a migration to the Cloud, or need help expanding into AWS services, we provide the expertise to maximise the value of AWS for your organisation.

This means you'll be backed by the global market leader in Enterprise cloud solutions, whose network uptime is hard to beat, and have the specialist knowledge required at application level to make your solutions fly.

Why use us instead of AWS support? 

  Rackspace public cloud
"Managed operation"
AWS "Developer" support Code Enigma standard
Enterprise infrastructure Yes Yes Yes
ISO 27001 Certified Yes Yes Yes
Protected by EU Law Yes Yes Yes
Personal configuration No No Yes
24/7/365 Ticketing Yes No Yes
Software patching included No No Yes
Offsite backups included No No Yes
Intrustion protection system No No Yes
Automated host failover No Yes Yes
Disaster recover planning No No Yes
Server Optimisation included No No Yes
Server Hardening included No No Yes
User management included No No Yes
2FA available on VMS No No Yes

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

Thanks to the range and depth of service AWS provide, we have all the tools to ensure 100% availability. We can also scale you to meet the demand of a specific event, be it a retail surge or a news event, a spike of registrations or a conference, we can make sure you stay up.


Expandable storage

All our AWS virtual disks are backed by AWS Elastic Block Store and we use Linux Logical Volume Manager (LVM) so your disks are expandable. Running out of space? No problem, we can scale your disk to whatever size you need.

Security in the Cloud

Security doesn't take a back seat just because it's Cloud. AWS operate state of the art security solutions and are ISO 27001 certified at every data hall. They also provide services for network security hardening, such as their Virtual Private Cloud technology and AWS Shield, which allow us to operate all the security features of Enterprise-grade firewalls and more, but directly connected to their other services. Plus we’ve been monitoring their services for years and we know their network uptime is hard to beat.


Enterprise site connection requirements? Let us know, we provide a range of site-to-site VPN options, thanks to AWS Virtual Private Cloud and it's VPN capabilities.

24/7/365 support available

If you need to be sure your services are being cared for all the time, we can help. We operate a follow-the-sun support operation, with staff in Argentina, Australia and Europe for round-the clock-coverage. Contact us if you would like to add round-the-clock monitoring to your services.

If you’ve already decided you need our services, get in touch

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