AWS flexibility and scale, plus our know-how

AWS is a world class, enterprise cloud solution with an array of services at a relatively low cost, with exceptional resilience and scalability. We make the most of AWS products.

Our Managed AWS service starts from £100 a month and provides full control of your infrastructure, at a fraction of the cost of onsite Sys Admins.

How we manage your AWS service

  • We create a dedicated Terraform repository to keep your layout in code (this is open to you and an offboarding deliverable, should you decide to change provider)
  • We capture your infrastructure in code with Terraform
  • We configure your networks
  • We connect your account to our infrastructure deployment tools

Clear billing

With our Managed AWS service you can keep your billing accounts distinct. You maintain your account with AWS; billed directly by them for your compute charges. We simply bill you for maintaining the configuration and access to your infrastructure repo.
If you’d prefer to have one bill, we can do that, too. We apply a 10% admin charge for “rebilling” your AWS compute charges.

Extra server management support

Once you’ve settled on a layout that works for you, if that includes EC2 instances, you’ll want to explore our Server Management service. Our Sys Admins can also fix, enhance, or answer questions with our Monthly Support packages.


Designing server layouts

Each client has unique needs, and we tailor our proven solutions to fit these. We have some go-to options we work with, that we then customise.

Our fault-tolerant, highly available layouts employ haproxy loadbalancers (or AWS ELBs), custom sized EC2 instances across availability zones (AZs) and the highly available database service AWS RDS (think MySQL-as-a-Service).

You may need a single service or server, or an auto scaling solution. We match your requirements to the right services.

AWS Autoscale set up

We can develop an Autoscale cluster for more scalability. This provides you with a dynamic solution that maintains your applications availability; adding or removing services based on demand. In setting this up, we:

Ensure your code is in a suitable Git repository and structured to work with our open source automated deployment scripts

  • Create a unique Amazon Machine Image (AMI) for your cluster
  • Configure your cluster and store the configuration in Terraform
  • Setup all the necessary alarms and monitors
  • Configure security rules
  • Setup load balancing (using HaProxy or AWS ELBs)
  • Set up our own monitoring services, so we are alerted to any issues

Expandable storage solutions

Our AWS virtual disks are backed by AWS Elastic Block Store and we use Linux Logical Volume Manager (LVM) so your disks are expandable, offering high availability and durability whilst being protected from component failure. Consistent and low-latency performance allows you to to run your workload.

Need some space? We can quickly scale your disk to the size you need.

ISO 27001 certified security (AWS and us)

AWS operate advanced solutions and are ISO 27001 certified (we are too). They provide services for network security hardening, such as their Virtual Private Cloud technology and AWS Shield, which allow us to operate all the features of Enterprise-grade firewalls (and more), but directly connected to their other services.

You're protected against infrastructure-layer attacks, including User Datagram Protocol (UDP) floods; state-exhaustion attacks, including SYN floods; and application-layer attacks, including HTTP floods.

Site-to-site VPN

We provide a range of site-to-site VPN options. Thanks to AWS Virtual Private Cloud and it's VPN capabilities, we can cater to Enterprise site connection requirements.

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

We ensure 100% availability.

We can scale you to meet the demand of a specific event; be it a retail surge or news event, a spike of registrations or a conference, we keep you running smoothly.


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