Cloud hosting tailored for the perfect fit

We make the most of AWS products

AWS is a world-class, enterprise cloud solution. It offers an array of services exceptional resilience and scalability, at a relatively low cost.

We’re the perfect migration partner to smooth the process of adopting AWS. We can take over the running of your cloud services, manage your environments, control your backup strategy, manage your users, audit your security, intervene in outages, everything. Just hand us the root account and let us go to work.

What’s included:

  • Dedicated utility server running GitLab and Jenkins
  • 24/5 infrastructure incident response
  • Infrastructure stored in version-controlled code via Terraform
  • 24 hour access to our secure ticketing system
  • Telephone answering service
  • Resource monitoring
  • Security management
  • Self-service user management
  • Multi-factor authentication services
  • Benefits of Managed AWS by Code Enigma:
  • Access to world-class AWS products at a low entry cost


  • Create your tailored solution with flexible support options
  • Proactive response from our 24/7 team, based across four time zones 
  • Consultative approach, matching your business need with the best technology
  • Increased security and quality of service as we’re an ISO certified (ISO 27001 and ISO 9001)

Designing server layouts

Each client has unique needs, and we tailor our proven solutions to fit these. We have some go-to options we work with, that we then customise.

Our fault-tolerant, highly available layouts employ haproxy loadbalancers (or AWS ELBs), custom sized EC2 instances across availability zones (AZs) and the highly available database service AWS RDS (think MySQL-as-a-Service).

You may need a single service or server, or an auto scaling solution. We match your requirements to the right services.

AWS Autoscale set up

We can develop an Autoscale cluster for more scalability. This provides you with a dynamic solution that maintains your applications availability; adding or removing services based on demand. In setting this up, we:

Ensure your code is in a suitable Git repository and structured to work with our open source automated deployment scripts

  • Create a unique Amazon Machine Image (AMI) for your cluster
  • Configure your cluster and store the configuration in Terraform
  • Setup all the necessary alarms and monitors
  • Configure security rules
  • Setup load balancing (using HaProxy or AWS ELBs)
  • Set up our own monitoring services, so we are alerted to any issues

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