AWS flexibility and scale, plus our know-how

We offer a fully managed solution for Enterprise web hosting by teaming our Linux stack with Amazon Web Services.

Whether you need bespoke infrastructure, or have your own that you need managed, we maximise the value of AWS for you by creating a tailored solution.

You get the benefit of the features of world class Enterprise cloud solutions (with unbeatable network uptime), and our specialist knowledge. 

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

We ensure 100% availability.

We can scale you to meet the demand of a specific event; be it a retail surge or news event, a spike of registrations or a conference, we keep you running smoothly.


Expandable storage

Our AWS virtual disks are backed by AWS Elastic Block Store and we use Linux Logical Volume Manager (LVM) so your disks are expandable, offering high availability and durability whilst being protected from component failure. Consistent and low-latency performance allows you to to run your workload.

Need some space? We can quickly scale your disk to the size you need.


AWS operate advanced solutions and are ISO 27001 certified. They provide services for network security hardening, such as their Virtual Private Cloud technology and AWS Shield, which allow us to operate all the features of Enterprise-grade firewalls (and more), but directly connected to their other services.

You're protected against infrastructure-layer attacks, including User Datagram Protocol (UDP) floods; state-exhaustion attacks, including SYN floods; and application-layer attacks, including HTTP floods.


We provide a range of site-to-site VPN options. Thanks to AWS Virtual Private Cloud and it's VPN capabilities, we can cater to Enterprise site connection requirements.

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