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Drupal support, hosting and development

Code Enigma is a team of highly skilled developers and system administrators. Together, we have around 150 years of experience supporting Drupal sites.

We're known for successfully rescuing projects that are security, time and cost-sensitive.

We use open-source software, Drupal and Symfony, for their flexibility, speed and reliability to produce a truly custom solution.

  • Optimising leading technologies with our expertise 
  • Low entry cost
  • Certified team members
  • ISO certified (ISO 27001 and ISO 9001) for information and cyber security

Ongoing Drupal website support and maintenance

Code Enigma provides Drupal and cloud hosting expertise so you can best manage and optimise your website. If you need cost-effective additional resource, you can lean on our multi-disciplinary team. You can be confident your site is always performing well without any interference to your regular operations.

Enjoy a flexible and tailored service. Outsource your site maintenance to us between 2 - 10 days a month for longer-term support.

Or, purchase 5-hour blocks. Great for those break/fix moments, incremental changes and updates. Be it a new feature, bug fix or improvement to the security of your Drupal website.

See our support options here

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Managed Drupal hosting

Drupal hosting is our area of expertise.

If you have a preferred infrastructure partner or run your own servers, we can provide full Linux server management behind your Drupal application.

Learn more about Drupal hosting

Managed AWS

Our certified Solution Architects connect your services and store your infrastructure in code. Then support your developers in building robust, end-to-end systems.

We offer secure, highly available managed services with an average 99.95% uptime.

Learn more about managed AWS

Managed Microsoft Azure

When we manage an Azure environment, we reduce your costs and increase the efficiency of your site.

Learn more about managed Azure

Managed Linux servers

We can manage your Linux server in any environment.

This includes server hardening and multi-factor authentication.

Learn more about managed server options



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Web development


Our back end team uses PHP to develop Drupal's out-of-the-box modules to build you a bespoke product.

We can also write custom modules that will integrate with your core product.

If you have a large data set with complex integration requirements, we can build you the right tool. We migrate your legacy CMS data to a new, complete product.

Learn more about build options

CMS upgrade or migration

We can take a site running on an older Drupal version (or other CMS) and upgrade it. Or we can build something entirely new.

Let us make the move an easy one.

Learn more about upgrades

Application and security updates

If you're using PHP applications such as Drupal and WordPress, we empower you the smooth operation of your website.

This type of support covers anything from intervention in a website outage situation to helping you create a new page.

Learn more about updates here


DevOps tools

Our security chops, diagnostic abilities, DevOps tools and support services will take the complexity out of your processes. Save time through automation.

Learn more about DevOps

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Technical SEO

We can find and fix any issues with your website's SEO performance by performing a comprehensive technical SEO audit.

Learn more about SEO audits


We'll improve the performance and usability of your website so that more of your target audience can access it, regardless of their needs.

Learn more about accessibility audits