Using our expertise and the right tools to create a tailored solution

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Community-driven development

Code Enigma has a dedicated team of PHP developers and designers with over a hundred years’ experience (around 140, we counted).

We use open source software, Drupal and Symfony, for their flexibility, speed and reliability to produce a truly custom solution. We support your business strategy with the right technology.

  • Optimising a leading CMS with our expertise, at a low entry cost
  • Efficiency of a full service (including UX and design) from one team
  • Consultative approach, matching your business need with the best technology
  • Above average security and quality of service as we’re ISO certified (ISO 27001 and ISO 9001)


We create solutions to real challenges using our straightforward and consultative expertise.

Out of the box modules

Our back end team uses PHP to develop Drupal's out-of-the-box modules; utilising their expertise to enhance these and build a product bespoke to you. They create structure, functionality, user privileges and taxonomies based on your feature requirements.

Front end development

We code in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, ensuring your interface runs smoothly. We manage the look, feel, functionality and theming of your site, guaranteeing the best responsiveness across devices, with consistent branding. Using Drupal 8 is revolutionary for the experience, with significant improvements benefitting users with previously unknown flexibility and control.

Custom module development

Drupal boasts over 46,000 modules. If there’s something Drupal can’t do out of the box, our developers are experienced and creative at building solutions; having written dozens of custom modules unique to clients that are highly secure and dovetail with the rest of the product. We’ll discuss your requirements at the start of your project, during the discovery phase.

Upgrade your CMS

We take a site running on an older version of Drupal (or other CMS systems) and upgrade it to the latest in an uncomplicated way. This allows you to benefit from improved security as well as new features.

We’ve updated a number of clients to Drupal 8, who are enjoying the new improvements to functionality.

Drupal 9 is coming in June and we'd love to help you make the move.


Data/Content migration

If you have a complex data set that requires integrating into a functioning tool, accessible globally, we can build it. We take data from your legacy CMS and transfer it into a new, clean and complete product.

Delivering success

"From day one Code Enigma demonstrated a clear commitment to collaborative working that enabled a very complex project to be handled most efficiently.

It is a credit to them that they were able to systematically tackle the many challenges posed by such a large project and ensure delivery on time and budget."

John - Hackney Learning Trust

Case study - Wellcome Trust

The Wellcome Trust needed a site for their online science magazine, Mosaic, which specialises in 5,000 word, open source articles and the site's content has views in the millions. They hired us to build it, and we knew Drupal was fit for purpose.


Case study - Hackney Learning Trust

Following a tender process, we were chosen by Hackney Learning Trust to build a powerful yet easy to use content management system (and more).


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