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Code Enigma is one of the leading Drupal specialist companies in Europe.

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Job openings

We are currently looking for an experienced Drupal developer.

Operating since 2010, and with an expert team spread around the world, we offer a full project lifecycle of services, from initial consultancy through to responsive design, Drupal website development, ongoing training, support, content strategy and even a full suite of Drupal hosting solutions. We used to call ourselves a web agency, but these days we're something more than that. We're a business that helps other businesses make the best use of Drupal. That's what we do. But then every company in the world has a website they use to tell you how great they are, right? We've created our new website so our customers could tell you how they worked with us, because we believe the happiness of our customers speaks for itself.

These three case studies demonstrate Code Enigma's flexible approach to supporting and hosting Drupal applications, for a diverse range of organisations. What they all have in common is the need for high-performance, secure hosting, but they all have different hosting environments and needs.

Case study

Design-led Drupal

Drupal is renowned as an easily extensible content management system that makes it possible to build fully-featured applications simply by bolting together a set of free modules. While that's true, it can lead to sites that have lots of functionality but also provide a mediocre user experience in terms of layout and user interactions. At Code Enigma we take user experience seriously and work hard to get complete control over the user interface. This case study gives three examples of how we go about that.

Case study

The Drupal Impact

Redactive describes itself as the leading provider of magazines, digital media and live events for membership and professional services organisations. In 2013 it decided to start moving its websites across to Drupal. As Redactive has an in-house digital team, it wanted to develop in-house capacity to make this move so Code Enigma worked with their team over several months providing mentoring and backup technical support.


Content Consultancy

Through our Content Strategy consultancy services we help our clients to shift the focus from “what are the great things we can do with our site?” to “what should the site do to help us achieve our company/project objectives and make our users have a valuable experience?”


Drupal Training and Mentoring

Code Enigma delivers Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 training to individuals and teams of all backgrounds and skill levels. We specialise in creating custom courses to meet your specific business needs. Our courses are delivered by trainers who are also very experienced developers so they know how to address real-world problems.

Main image by "Mendhak", released on under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.