DrupalCon Prague, 2013

Code Enigma in the Community

Using open source software means owning open source software. Like millions of others around the world, the open source community makes us tick.

This is a first pass at our community section. The community means a lot to us, we spend a lot of time in it, we sponsor events, code sprints, we contribute time and code, we volunteer at conferences, we speak whenever we can. We're by no means unique in this, but we've decided to make more of an effort to share the good stuff we're doing. Over time this will grow into an ever-expanding resource of work we've done, code we want to share, ideas we want to bounce off you, cool things we've discovered. We hope you'll want to bookmark this page. 

For now it's our blog and the Planet Drupal feed, but as we progress there'll be projects to browse, white papers to read, research to review. It's all coming, we promise. In the meantime, we hope you continue to find our blog useful and interesting.

We'd also like to thank Michael Schmid and Amazee Labs in Switzerland for open sourcing their photos on Flickr. They were both released under the Creative Commons 2.0 license, which is why we were able to crop them and use them here. Open source FTW!

London Drupal Sprints, 2013