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Dependable managed AWS hosting for a Drupal 9 site

College graduation

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) is a professional association based in London, United Kingdom. Its members, including people with and without medical degrees, work in the field of obstetrics and gynaecology, that is, pregnancy, childbirth, and female sexual and reproductive health.

RCOG is a reasonably new client to Code Enigma, having joined us in 2019. 

If you’re of a technical nature, you can skip the middle section…

The process of creating a website can, at times, be fraught with risk. It's possible that lots of adjustments will be needed, to later discover that the live site has collapsed unexpectedly. Fortunately, employing a staging site can help to create a website in a far safer setting. This is what RCOG chose to do for their site.


Simply put, a staging site is a duplicate of a live site. It allows the freedom to test any updates or big new features in a secure environment before implementing them. Before moving to production, developers generally utilise staging sites to test changes and address issues.

A staging site is designed to be exactly like a live site, with the same plugins, settings, widgets, and so on. The only true distinction between a live website and a staging site is that the latter is not live.

Instead, it resides in a sandbox to test how a website would perform in real-world settings. Whatever occurs in the staging environment has no effect on a live website.

While visitors may only see the completed result, a normal website has a lot of work going on behind the scenes. In fact, some developers test their code on up to three or four distinct versions of the same site before it goes live.

What we did

It was primarily due of our Drupal hosting experience that RCOG came to us, and we were able to deliver that expertise. However, this was another occasion where we assisted fellow Drupal agency, NDP, who were the lead for this development work. We were happy to facilitate with our AWS expertise to make it happen.

We are already hosting both the deployment stage and the live site for them, and we will continue to do so in the future. Everything from development to staging to production is totally automated, including the tasks connected with deploying software.

The primary website is powered by Drupal. However, they have become more interested in WordPress in recent months, and we'll be happy to help with this alternative CMS, too.

Working with RCOG as their hosting provider has been an absolute delight. We've had them running for quite some time, and gladly, no incidents have occurred throughout that time. Despite the fact that this doesn't necessarily make for an exciting case study, it is proof that our services are dependable.


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