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We automate complex deployment processes

Nobody likes debugging failed deployments. Fewer enjoy deploying changes manually.

We can automate your development workflow, offering different deployment management methods for Drupal, WordPress, Symfony and other PHP applications.

We enable your processes

Our approach has always been to enable our clients to build in the steps they need for their DevOps process. Rather than restrict you to a one-size-fits-all approach, we start with a default set of scripts and allow you to add what you need.

With our Ansible based deployment methods, the entire deployment process becomes a part of your repository. If there’s anything custom you need to add, it’s just a case of adding it - no forking of repositories or waiting for a sysadmin to become available.

Our clients’ requirements have included:

  • Drupal deployments ranging through versions 6 to 9 (so far)
  • Drupal being installed both with and without composer
  • CSS generation steps using SASS, LESS, etc
  • Testing frameworks including Behat, Selenium and Nightwatch.js
  • Feature Branch-based build and test strategies
  • Kubernetes-based environment creation
  • Arbitrary build step (e.g. running custom Drush scripts)
  • WordPress deployments
  • Symfony application deployments
  • ‘Slow’ deployments incorporating manual testing steps