Fully-managed, totally flexible and highly secure servers

Have your own systems, but lack the time or experience to manage your Linux stack? The same ISO 27001 certified disaster recovery, security and software stack options you find on our managed servers are available for you too. We routinely manage our client's servers (and our management clients include World-famous scientific research funders the  Wellcome Trust, musical equipment retailers Focusrite and recruitment software specialists Jobiqo).

Just install Debian on a server of your choice and hand us the keys, we take care of the rest. Pricing starts from £150 per month.

On premises solutions

You don't have to be in the Cloud to benefit from our Linux management services. We can handle on premise VMware set-ups, dedicated hardware, anything you can give us a connection to we can orchestrate and manage.


Server hardening

At Code Enigma we pride ourselves in the security of our hosting and our secure approach to managing our clients Drupal websites.


Multi-factor authentication

We offer multi-factor server authentication for sensitive systems as standard. We use the open source 2FA manager, LinOTP2, to support TOTP phone apps, such as Google Authenticator, or YubiKey devices (we're an official implementer), with options for other types of authentication as well, all centrally managed via our custom directory services.

Server configuration in version control

Using popular open source infrastructure management software such as Puppet, Ansible and Terraform, we keep all your configuration safely in version control, so all change has an audit trail and peer review. We maximise our use of automation, to avoid human error, while ensuring there's enough of a human touch to ensure things are running smoothly.

If you’ve already decided you need our services, get in touch

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