Stay fresh and secure

We offer security updates for Drupal, Symfony, WordPress and Magento. Your site is always running the latest code and free from the risk of known exploits.

We manage the update process, actively monitor customer websites and run through the application and testing of updates.

Pricing starts from £250 per month.

What’s covered by Website Updates Support?

We provide this service for any website (using a CMS listed above), on the proviso the code is properly kept in a version control system, deployment tools/procedures are clearly documented and there are at least two environments, development and live.

The package includes:

  • Updating of application core within 3 UK business days of a security release notification
  • Updating of any modules/libraries covered by official support
  • Carrying out routine non-security updates periodically
  • Monitoring of application update status (where possible)
  • Informing you when core/modules go out of support for any reason

What isn't covered?

  • Support for your customers
  • Support for your developers
  • Support for customers/developers of a third party
  • Updating custom modules, created by Code Enigma or otherwise
  • Updating modules/cores that have been altered from their original state in any way
  • Updating modules not covered by the official project security team
  • Updating software beyond current active version (e.g. updating from 1.3.x to 2.0)
  • Versions of a system no longer supported by the community
  • Updating themes

Going over the time allowed in your Support Package is charged at an overage rate of £120 per hour.

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