Code Enigma is a community of creative souls and the technically brilliant, dedicated to building a better world wide web.

A traditional circus ringleader

We began in 2010 as a web agency who built Drupal websites. Now we're so much more. 

We offer a full project lifecycle of services, from design, development, support and maintenance and hosting solutions. 

Public sector and Government bodies, STEM organisations, educational institutions, charities and not-for-profit groups (to name some) and independents benefit from working with us.

We collaborate with your team to provide a solution tailored to your requirements.

A deliberately distributed company

Our base is in the heart of London, but we made the conscious decision to work as a distributed company, operating across seven countries.

This opens us up culturally and educationally. We have access to the best talent across time zones (which is great for our responsiveness).

We embrace diversity as a driver for creativity. 

Our culture

We’re protective of our culture. We don’t hire someone because their CV matches the job description. We hire them because they share our values.

Our clients love our team not because they get the work completed on time (of course, they do), but because we form relationships during projects.

We're dedicated to collaborating with your team.

There’s no formula, we’re not carbon-copies of the same personality. It’s who we are, together.

  • We work on a foundation of trust
  • We stop, collaborate and…hear each other out respectfully
  • We’re not afraid to take a moment and have fun
  • We’re always actively interested in and excited by our work (or there’s simply no point)
  • We do our best so our clients attract and delight their audiences

We work with people, not websites

Jamie might wear a dinosaur mask during a meeting. It’s also not strange to see a cat (dog, or chicken) on a lap during those Meets. There's always a collective groan after Emlyn’s unrepeatable Friday joke.

The point is, we’re human, we’re unique (unique is a nice way to say weird), and that’s what makes us, us.

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