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Sparta Science is an industry leading solution for reducing injuries and optimizing performance with validated scientific assessments. Sparta are a great example of what we mean when we say no two Drupal applications are alike.

A lot of Drupal websites are doing similar things, of course - presenting editorially controlled content in a structured and templated way - but there are plenty of organisations out there doing some amazing things with Drupal that completely change the profile of the application.

California-based Sparta Performance Science use Drupal in a totally different way to what you might expect. They have embraced the power of the API, and tools like the Views module, and created a platform for athletes and their coaches to view incredibly complex data about their physical performance, gathered during tailored training sessions, using specialist measuring equipment. This data is fed into Drupal and then processed using a bunch of custom-crafted drush commands, so they are available to view within the pages of a given athlete's profile. As you can imagine, the requirements of an application like this, crunching large amounts of data at the command line, are totally different to the requirements of an organisation like ActionAid, who are mostly serving cached content to anonymous users. And that is exactly why one size can’t fit all.

Sparta have many clients, each with the need for privacy and data separation and they each have their own completely separate site, essentially a copy of the platform - some are competing teams, so having a hosting company that can secure their data and is truly ISO 27001 through-the-line is important.

There's also a financial angle here - with Code Enigma, Sparta can host all of these clients on a single server, because the usage patterns are sporadic and most of the processing happens at the command line. With a PaaS product, each site would have a distinct and separate cost, and the command line processing power needed would make that cost high. Plus we provide managed Jenkins for Sparta, so they have all the benefit of the automated deployment tools and developer workflows you might expect of PaaS, but with infinite customisation possible and much more cost-effective resource management.

Finally, on top of our managed servers, we run a Drupal Developer Support contract with Sparta so their developers benefit from our usual "Ask Us Anything" support. They use this support for anything from adhoc code reviews through to requests for investigation into the performance of specific scripts or pages with New Relic, or sometimes just to ask us to create a new Jenkins job for them to service a new customer.

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