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We get asked to work on more intricate things than a website (check out our Extend Robotics case study).

ITV came to us. And they needed a competition engine that could handle 800 submissions a second. Of course, we relished the challenge.

There had been a series of scandals about phone-ins. As a result, the government then said if you run a phone competition announced on TV,  you must have a free online option. Think, "I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!" size.

ITV was forced to very rapidly deliver, an internally developed online competitions engine. As such, the speed of delivery resulted in a system that wasn’t optimally effective.

What we did and outcomes

We were commissioned to replace the existing engine. Specifically, one that would run all competitions, applications and voting.

We were tasked to achieve:

  • A dramatically improved content editor experience

  • Competitions code that could be delivered in multiple forms (inline frame, JavaScript or embeddable HTML)

  • Legacy support for old competition URLs

  • Integration with the vote counting and winner selection software

  • Blisteringly fast performance


And we did.

In fact, ITV used the system we developed for many years. Despite the complexity of the solution, there is as little custom code as possible. So it was maintainable for their team. An approach we often use. Because this empowers the client and drives costs down.

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