Helping the Internet of Things to connect


Electric Imp (now part of Twillio) solves complex connectivity, security and lifecycle management challenges. Therefore, their customers quickly get their IoT (internet of things) connected devices to market. They go from proof-of-concept to commercial products in just months.

What we did

Our goal was the reconstruction of their existing developer documentation website, using Drupal. Since the original site consisted of static pages, Drupal was the best platform. This is because it accommodates future expansion of content volume and site functionality.

We took source material in markdown format and transferred this to a database. Additionally, we redesigned the site. Additionally, we handled the data transport, coding of the new site to fit the Drupal style sheet. Finally, we gave it a fine-tune.

The outcome

Tony, the project Manager, said next time he'd insist on more up-front preparation and timetabling. He did say that's his own learning on how projects unfold. We're happy this wasn't any dissatisfaction with our process. We're happy to post that as advice for anyone looking to start a project.

The team had no complaints during the course of their project. Finally, they said, without doubt, they would recommend us!

We knew we needed a Drupal specialist, so we assembled a short-list of UK-based suppliers who had worked on comparable sites to ours, or sites whose complexity would exceed ours. Cost [was a factor] but we particularly felt there was a good fit in terms of approach and outlook. Code Enigma understood our requirements and goals, and the technical challenges that would need to be overcome to meet those goals.

Tony Smith - Senior Tech Writer and Project Manager

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