Flexible monthly support packages tailored to what you need


We help you take control and leverage the capabilities of your CMS

Your website management team will be more effective with our expert assistance.

We give you a direct line to our skilled team of designers, developers and systems administrators who endeavour to solve any issue or unlock a frustration.

We could even perform a fully managed service and take care of everything for you.

All of our clients have access to support by default on a PAYG hourly basis. Buy a block of 5 hours and this is initially discounted by 20%. Buy more blocks and the discount grows.

  • Team of Linux experts, AWS Solution Architects, PHP developers and UX designers
  • Code optimisation; release more UX and feature improvements
  • Constantly improving site performance and reliability
  • Optimise your deployment processes to deliver quicker
  • Automate processes with CI/CD

What can I use the time for?

We’re an experienced Drupal agency, but we also support a range of PHP systems, including custom Symfony applications and WordPress.

You can use us for things like bug fixes, CMS updates, plugin updates, having broken links fixed or backups. If you’re looking for accessibility or UX improvements, we offer that, too.

Monthly support (5 hour blocks)

You can buy 5 hour blocks for lower bulk rates (versus PAYG).

These can be used to support any of our services (design, web development or cloud hosting). This is great for those break/fix moments or incremental changes and updates.


Monthly retainers (from 2 days)

A cost-effective solution for those that don’t have any, or need to expand their internal development, design or SysAdmin resource.

Starting from two days a month, you can purchase a block of time, line up the work and we’ll get to it.


Cloud infrastructure and DevOps support

Our AWS certified Solution Architects, and Linux experts, can work with you to develop your infrastructure.

This goes beyond our Managed AWS and Managed Server products where we’re maintaining your infrastructure.

You can dig into the depths of our expertise to increase the speed of your deployments, re-architect for scalability and reliability and implement best practices for performance and security.

Application and security updates

The goal is to enable people using PHP applications such as Drupal and WordPress to operate their website smoothly.

This type of support could cover anything from intervention in a website outage situation to helping you create a new page.


Code review

We offer extra assurance that your website is in top condition. Whether it’s quality checking code before final sign-off, a security review or making sure the CMS can handle your anticipated traffic, we can help.

Each meticulous audit is tailored to your website and requirements, using the latest tools, technology and our expertise.


Inclusive design and UX

Our design team champion accessibility for the web. They can support your websites through design reviews as you make updates; provide UX input into new feature development, or create HTML prototype designs for new pages.

They interact naturally with our developers, so are always looking to add value, but you can call on them directly too.


Ask Us Anything

Your support package doesn’t just cover the service we’re providing you. If we’re managing your AWS environment you can ask us to look at the UX or accessibility of your website.

If we’re supporting your Drupal app we’ll happily answer questions about your deployment processes.

Get in touch today and tell us more about what you need