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Why accessibility is a process, not a feature

Have you curiously explored a #A11Y hashtag before? Maybe you've seen it floating around but didn't bother to click it? We think you should.
Maygen Jacques June 8, 2020
3 mins read
A man drawing a flow chart on a huge whiteboard

Accessibility Improvements You Can Make to Your Website

Without needing to call us
Maygen Jacques June 4, 2020
3 mins read
Handheld tools

Here’s what Drupal 9 is all about

What's involved in Drupal 9 and why
Maygen Jacques May 29, 2020
3 mins read
Drupal 8 to 9 illustration

Elastic Search and Drupal

Our developer Sergio, wrote about the main aspects of Elasticsearch and a brief comparison made by experts in both Solr and Elasticsearch technologies.
Maygen Jacques May 19, 2020
4 mins read
Green code against a black background

Unexpected ways offices will change post-lockdown

Some things we didn't anticipate changing but are becoming more apparent as we go on…
Maygen Jacques May 18, 2020
4 mins read
Home office

Should you fix your current website’s accessibility or build a whole new one?

If this is a question your organisation has asked itself then you might've become overwhelmed by accessibility requirements.
Maygen Jacques May 13, 2020
6 mins read
vintage typweriter

Interview with an accessibility expert, David Barrett

Former Inclusion and Accessibility Manager at BT plc
Maygen Jacques May 13, 2020
5 mins read
A wooden model next to an old telephone

So long, but not goodbye

Miguel Jacq has left Code Enigma
Greg Harvey May 4, 2020
2 mins read
Mig Jacq

Conducting user research while people must stay at home because of coronavirus

Remote user research is entirely possible! Learn how.
Maygen Jacques April 27, 2020
4 mins read
woman wearing a mask on a Zoom to a man in a mask