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Curb cutting is not a bad thing.

4 mins read
In design, there's something called the curb cut effect. Here, things that were created to help people with disabilities result in benefitting a wider audience, if not everyone.

New Adventures Conf

7 mins read
The stage going up for New Adventures conference.

My thoughts

I remember learning about NAConf in 2013, thinking "I'll go next year" and feeling I'd missed out when I heard

Birthday presents needed…

2 mins read
A woman stands with covered eyes waiting for another woman to present her a neatly wrapped gift tied with a delicate bow

So, it's your mum's birthday and you want to show her you lov

Design leaders conference: 
the best bits

2 mins read

Code Enigma's design and marketing team met up in Dublin last week for the inspiring design leaders conference. We took so much away from it that I thought it'd be good to reflect on it.