Helping the government get the most from Drupal

Code Enigma have been working with the Welsh Government since 2016 where we provided a level of Drupal support, with our main focus being on hosting and deployments. We provided a highly available server layout with accompanying dev server and utilities server (the latter hosts their Jenkins and Gitlab instances) to host the BETA version of their main site, gov.wales.  We also provide a strong and reliable infrastructure that is secure.

We won an open procurement tender opportunity for this project, based on our comprehensive responses, which met all of The Welsh Government’s requirements. The main aim of the project was the migration of their corporate website and platform from a legacy CMS to Drupal.

Due to the nature of the client, we understandably can't go into intimate detail, but we can tell you the facts:

  • There are 40 smaller sites on the platform of which around half have been migrated to the new platform, including content and services
  • We provided Infrastructure, DevOps support, services and setup