Helping the local government to free up resources

Courtesy of our highly available configurations and AWS managed infrastructure, we provide our hosting customers with a 99.99% hardware uptime guarantee. This is an attractive proposition for any local government where their digital presence is increasingly their most important interaction with people, particularly when it comes to providing services to residents. North Yorkshire County Council were no exception, opting to host the Selby District Council website with us.

On a very tight deadline, due to contract delays and with a service deadline looming from their previous supplier, we helped them to move their code to a new version control system (Bitbucket by Atlassian) and shape the repository so it was ready to work with our automated testing and deployment systems. We then provisioned a new AWS account and servers and after our usual rigourous QA and testing, we deployed a copy of the Selby website so the customer could check for any teething problems which might need resolving before launch.

Once set, we helped the customer through the process of setting a launch date, programming a content freeze and handling the DNS cutover to our services. The website was moved seamlessly and invisibly to website users and the Selby website is now happily hosted with Code Enigma.

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