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Helping a charity to rebrand and improve accessibility

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The Nuffield Foundation Trust is an independent Foundation with a mission to advance educational opportunity and social well-being.

They asked us to help with their Drupal 8 website rebrand. As an organisation, they aim to improve social wellbeing. They fund research and innovation projects in education and social policy and build research capacity in science and social science.

Indeed, their website is one of their most important assets. It's often the first place users to go make contact or begin research. It's really important the website makes a great first impression.

The Drupal 6 site needed a new look, quickly, because they had a new website due to go live. However, our design services were needed in the interim as their rebranding was already live in other parts of their business and this was creating inconsistency. They were not in a position to wait for the new site.

We started in May and finished in June (2019) which translated to the dedication of 5 days’ worth of one developer’s time.

We typically follow an Agile-Scrum methodology when it comes to project management, but we’re flexible and choose the right approach for the work. This particular project required a Waterfall approach which allowed us to efficiently work on a clear and shortlist of defined tasks.

What we did

  • Updated the Nuffield Foundation logo in the header and the favicon  
  • Updated the colours, ensuring they provide enough contrast to pass accessibility standards
  • Removing Cufón from throughout the site
  • Cufón was a popular font-replacement technique circa 2010. This uses javascript and vector graphics to load custom fonts, these days we can use web fonts


Firstly, in doing this Drupal website rebrand, we improved the accessibility of the website. We made an improvement to the accessibility score on the homepage alone by 12%.

Secondly, another outcome was clear; the branding inconsistency was bridged.

We worked alongside Code Enigma as a delivery partner in a rapid turnaround project for the re-branding of a Drupal website for our client, Nuffield Foundation.

They provided an excellent, responsive service with attention to detail and delivered according to budget and schedule perfectly.

Ali Costerton - Senior Project Manager

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