Helping a London council organisation rebrand and integrate.

We were chosen by Westminster Housing with the main aim of rebranding the then referred to as "CityWest Homes (CWH)" website so that it could seamlessly integrate into the Westminster City Council (WCC) website. We rebranded the existing Drupal 8 site, which needed to mirror the WCC theme. The housing stock previously managed by CWH transferred back to WCC, so the work was needed for consistency.

We have been using Code Enigma as a partner for many years and are always impressed with the speed of turnaround and professional service.

Dean Harvey - Website Manager

We worked with their in-house designers to find a middle ground between the two sites without causing much overhead. Our team assisted with making changes to changing the logos across the website, changes to CSS to fit in line with WCC style and on the day the site went live changing URL and redirects. We ensured all references to CityWest Homes were updated to City of Westminster Housing; including all email addresses and forms on the site and the Twitter feed.

CWH needed this project to run as smoothly as possible and we delivered on time and to the exact specifications asked for.

During the project, Dean noted that we were very responsive and accommodating, awarding us 10/10 for our communication, and we’re happy to report that zero complaints were raised. 

This project was extremely time sensitive. The transfer of housing services back from CityWest Homes to WCC had to be completed by 1st April 2019. There was a lot of content and branding changes that needed to be made before this date. 

To control costs, CityWest Homes used a combination of a short development contract with their regular monthly support hours to complete the rebranding changes.

Without the assistance of Code Enigma and the knowledge of their project team it's highly likely we would have missed this date and therefore been without a website on the date on the transfer.

I’d say, they are a knowledgeable and professionally run agency who are experts in their field. As far as value for money goes they are second to none.

Dean - Website Manager