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Following a full EU procurement, Code Enigma were chosen by HLT for their project.

The work comprised of:

  • A single, scalable platform hosted on a cloud-based server infrastructure
  • A powerful, easy to use content management system
  • A clean and efficient user experience across all sites
  • Ecommerce functionality
  • A resilient and flexible infrastructure with effective disaster recovery
  • Secure extranet services
  • Faster searching through structured filtering of results
  • A fully flexible, state of the art mobile experience across all device

On being chosen for the project, John Pitman, Web Manager, said:

“Code Enigma presented the strongest bid and evidenced the most credible experience of being able to deliver a high quality solution, based on Drupal, and they placed a strong emphasis on their intention to promote close collaborative working to enable HLT internal staff to become proficient in the use of the system and take ownership of future development…”

“...The responses given in Code Enigma’s written submission were very well reasoned and thorough, and excellent detail was provided on how all aspects of the development would be subject to Quality Assurance. They also provided significant evidence of having worked successfully to deliver web development (including e-commerce), and hosting and support services for other local authorities as well as other organisations in the education and research sector.” 

It was said that overall, we were very responsive to the need for fluidity inherent in a project of this type and proved ourselves very adept in the management of change in accordance with true Agile methodologies.

When reflecting on service improvements as a consequence of or work together, HLT note that in general their new sites utilises research and provides a clean and efficient user experience across all devices that is exclusively targeted to the needs of service users. Also, standard design patterns have been developed and used across all sites to ensure consistency in the look and feel and provide a high level of mobile responsiveness across all devices. 

Their ecommerce site, Services for Schools, has been set up using Drupal Commerce, and extensive modifications have been put in place to integrate credit card payments and provide the required accounting functionality needed to allow the business to achieve considerable savings year on year.

Administrator login to all sites is provided through Drupal’s native authentication. and ADFS/SAML authentication has been set up to expose an LDAP-compatible interface to allow for user authentication on the Aspire intranet and the creation of a new Aspire Staff Directory.

We stand by our values of being honest, so we asked John what they might like to have done differently. As a result, we’re looking at providing more graphic design upfront to ease responsiveness later on, ensuring we allocate appropriate time for release and snagging, and making sure our price structure is totally clear.

The Outcome

Again we’re thrilled to report no complaints whatsoever were made during this project and that Hackney Learning Trust recommend us, and we didn’t have to bribe anyone for this case study.

John said:

“Code Enigma provide a very good overall service. From day one they demonstrated a clear commitment to collaborative working that enabled a very complex project to be handled most efficiently. By providing direct access to developers, they ensured the overall solution properly reached the needs of the business and that the HLT Web Team were empowered to process a very large amount of content in parallel with the ongoing technical development of the websites...

...It is a credit to Code Enigma that they were able to systematically tackle the many challenges posed by a large project and ensure delivery on time and to budget.”

To achieve this, we provided website UX, design, development and hosting and an ongoing managed hosting environment via AWS. We also provide on-going application/hosting support and maintenance.

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