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Helping a charity to optimise their internal resources


Breast Cancer Care is the only specialist UK-wide charity providing care, support and information to anyone affected by breast cancer. We were elated to win the tender to host and support their website.

The website forms a vital part of the services offered. Breastcancercare.org.uk is one of their most important front-line services, and they use a range of digital channels to reach and engage with clients, supporters and advocates.

They required us to host, support and maintain their newly rebuilt Drupal 7 website and continue to host and maintain existing online services which were also built in PHP. They also needed a stable hosting solution with enough capacity to handle an incredible hit rate per second.

What we did

We were chosen for this project specifically because we’re a family unit sized company who offer a personal touch and transparent communication, while still having robust processes and assured quality; unhindered by unnecessary layers of contact or red tape, but ISO certified nonetheless. We aim to be good at what we do and always mindful of what our clients need.

We were keen to take this on as part of our pledge to serve customers who create a positive social impact. We strive to do good as well as doing well, and this means working with clients who share our values. As a result, these relationships last.


This project was nice and straightforward; we provided hosting and support of two main Drupal websites, Breastcancercare.org.uk and their new Drupal 8 intranet. There was provision for additional PHP-based applications if required and, most importantly, we moved them to AWS with a fully managed service.

“Moving us to AWS has been brilliant because it’s reliable, scalable, and cost-effective. We’ve seen some significant improvements since I started. Back then there were some stability issues, which were completely solved by this migration. Overall I'm really happy with the service we receive from Code Enigma; it's a really great service with a dedicated group of competent people. Good response time, too. I’ve had absolutely no complaints and I would recommend them!"

Becca Peters  - Digital Product Manager

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