Greg Harvey


Photo of Greg Harvey

Starting out as a web developer for a London advertising agency, Greg’s career progressed into product management, first at a start-up called 2B Reputation Intelligence and then at Dow Jones Factiva when 2B was acquired. In 2006 he joined social media agency, Rareface, as Head of Development. In this time Greg worked with Drupal on a number of projects, and in 2008 he decided to form his own agency, CMS Professionals, specialising entirely in Drupal development. He has become well known in the Drupal community.

In 2010 CMS Professionals merged with Pilot Internet to form Code Enigma. Greg is based in France and, aside from general business management, his current role sees him providing technical expertise during the consultancy phase of larger development projects and leading Code Enigma's rapidly-growing devops, support and hosting team. He also sometimes oversees the technical aspects of development projects.