Farringdon Station London, UK, near the Code Enigma office

We build websites in Drupal

Code Enigma combines the power of Drupal with great design to produce smart websites.

Based in the heart of London, but with a distributed team of Drupal experts throughout Europe, Code Enigma builds web sites and applications for a range of clients, with sectors including media, charities and government agencies.

We specialise in creating websites for organisations for whom the Internet is an integral part of how they communicate and do business. If you need the cost-benefit of open source software, but you also need a complex, high performance solution, we are the right company for you. We take quality and delivery so seriously, we have had an ISO 9001:2008 certified quality management system since 2012. So if your web-based sofware is business-critical, you need Code Enigma to provide the level of assurance you demand.

One of the key reasons to choose Code Enigma is we can truly provide through-the-line services. That means in addition to designing and building web applications, we can also support in-house development teams, provide mentoring, audits, training, extra developers, and so on. We are always keen to be flexible, so go ahead and ask us. We're also backed by ISO-certified hosting and support services, so we can carry on through the entire lifecycle of your project.

We also specialise in building mobile-first responsive sites, so that we can combine the fantastic range of functionality provided by Drupal with a great user experience.

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