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Linux server management for a European client

Recruitment consultant

Jobiqo is a cost-effective job board platform that’s built for change. Jobiqo enables media brands and publishers worldwide to build next-generation job boards and career marketplaces to engage talent. 

By combining the benefits of a scalable SaaS platform and the power of an AI-enabled Smart Matching technology, Jobiqo clients can therefore quickly react to changing market demands.

Jobiqo services leading media brands, publishers, recruitment agencies, professional associations, and university career centres.

What we do

Code Enigma is a trusted partner of Jobiqo. They chose us to manage their Linux servers on Hetzner; a company and data centre operator based in Gunzenhausen, Germany.

Known for his contributions to Drupal, Klaus Furtmueller, Head of Technology Operations at Jobiqo, has served on the Drupal security team and is a very talented and confident individual. As such, with a very high degree of internal competence across their whole team, our client is stringent when it comes to external support. Jobiqo has cleverly chosen to host their site on physical servers at a reasonably low rental cost, with the understanding that they would need regular maintenance. This isn't an issue for Jobiqo, who have the expertise to do so.

However, is important for us to keep an eye on the lifespan of the servers so that we can anticipate any risks. For example, we monitor the wear and usage of hardware components such as SSD’s to ensure that these are replaced before they wear out and cause bigger problems.

We offer Linux server management and have done so for many years. With our extensive experience with Linux, we decided to take full control of Jobiqo’s servers (of which there are over 40). With that goal in mind, we decided to move them to our managed service.

As Jobiqo go through a progressive digital transformation journey, moving to containers on Google Cloud Platform, and away from physical servers, we'll be there to take on the increased need for support. But with so much already invested in physical hosting, this will naturally take some time, and while we’ll be around to help their journey to the cloud as painless as possible, for now we’re still very much involved in their more traditional hosting arrangements.

Although the comparatively high costs of dedicated hosting plans deter some organisations, opting for Linux-based dedicated cloud server hosting allows our clients to save money while getting the most out of their servers.

The 5 main advantages are as follows:


Due to its open-source beginnings, dedicated servers based on Linux or Managed Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Debian, or CentOS have low setup costs. Drupal, WordPress, Mautic and Matomo are just a few of the applications that are simple to set up on a Linux server instance, further reducing the organization's costs. With no application needs and no in-house server storage, incorporating cloud computing allows businesses to save significant capital costs.

No license needed

The Linux operating system is free and open-source. As a result, it's a realistic solution for small businesses and organisations looking for a low-cost server. Linux has no expensive licensing fees, making it a very cost-effective server-instance solution.


Cloud servers based on Linux are more stable than those based on Windows. Dedicated Linux servers do not slow down over time as a result of increased demand. Furthermore, memory leaks and downtime are less common on Linux systems. Because the Linux platform is open-source, it is much easier to review for vulnerabilities since the code is all out on the open. Operating so publicly means that developers gain the benefit of many peers reviewing the systems they produce, and the burden of assessing and mitigating threats is shared across many shoulders, rather than being dealt with behind a closed door, in a closed company, with an unknown timeline for fixing any problems.


The Linux operating system is highly configurable and adaptable to a wide range of scenarios. Websites typically require scripting languages like PHP, Perl, or MySQL, many of which are developed natively for Linux, which makes them easier to set up and maintain than on other operating systems. Desktop and server applications, as well as embedded applications, can all be run on a Linux-based infrastructure. Cloud server architects only need to install the components that are required, freeing up resources so your website can serve more visitors.


Through central resource administration, SLA-backed agreements, and vendor controlled infrastructure, Linux-based cloud server instances provide simplified yet enhanced infrastructure management and maintenance capabilities. By focusing on core business areas and delivering newer apps with no upfront expenditures and little setup time, organisations benefit from reduced response time and vendor managed centralised management.


Dedicated Linux server hosting may not be the best option for every web development scenario, but it is superior to other server operating systems, particularly Windows. We are a recognised (and award-winning) name in the industry. So we can assist you in implementing managed Linux servers in a seamless and cost-effective manner. Please contact us to discuss your needs or to learn more about managed Linux servers.

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