Helping the media reach the masses

The Economist Group is a British multinational media company headquartered in London and best known as publisher of The Economist. They specialise in international business and world affairs information. They have been Code Enigma clients since day dot, and we're proudly still supporting them to this day.

If you want to talk about developing long standing relationships, they don't come much longer than our history with Economist Group. Our director, Greg Harvey, began working with them back in 2010. When Code Enigma was formed they came along for the ride and they haven’t gotten off yet.

As well as building the incarnation of their online presence for Business Intelligence, we provide ongoing hosting and support, helping them with everything from new technical challenges to editor support.

We've done some really interesting work with them over the years, from event payment systems to CRM integrations, advanced online TV features to comprehensive events management systems.

We also helped them launch their charity, The Economist Foundation, assisting with the first iteration of their website. As well as, Economist Insights, the global home for their research and events divisions on the Internet.

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