Drupal Training and Mentoring

We provide customised training for internal teams either getting to grips with Drupal for the first time, or wanting to extend their knowledge beyond basic site building to full framework development.

In-house Drupal Courses

Whether you want a Drupal introduction, a refresher course or a deep dive into a specific topic, our Training Team can put together a tailored course for you, to be delivered on-site at your convenience.

Over time we’ve built up a catalogue of training materials, ready for you to pick and choose.

A typical in-house course is delivered to a team of 5 people over 3 to 5 days. Prices are fixed per trainer, not per attendee, but we ask to keep groups small (8 attendees max) to ensure everyone gets all the personal attention they need.

Our in-house courses come with a syllabus, slides, commented source code of examples and exercises, and a fully configured Virtual Machine with development environment ready to go.

Team mentoring:  we have your back

Sometimes you'd like a second set of eye balls to look over your project architecture or help you get back on track when something went belly-up.

Maybe you lead a veteran development team that could use a no-nonsense conversation partner to kick off their first Drupal project.

You could even be your company's single catch-all web hero in need of a few months of occasional one-on-one remote mentoring.

Short or long term, in-person or remote... whatever the situation, we're there to mentor developers, site builders and front-end designers. 

Read more on how we've trained and mentored the following clients over the years:

Drupal Training Events

Our trainers have been delivering professional Drupal training courses around the world since 2006. In addition to their training expertise, our trainers are also professional developers.

We regularly organise public Drupal training events around the UK and Europe for a variety of audiences - newcomers and experienced developers alike.

If you would like us to organise a course in your area or if your organisation could help host a multi-day training course, get in touch.

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