Flexible solutions, simple monthly fees

We offer more than traditional maintenance services. Of course, we do 24/7 online ticketing and can reset your server, but there’s a support package for every service we offer. We provide the right level of support, at any level of your business, adding value where needed. 

We have a blend of Linux systems administrators and hands-on developers, ideally suited to supporting development teams with good DevOps. We have a range of automated tools to streamline software management.

If you need a designer’s touch, a site audit, you're having performance problems (it can happen to anyone), you need help figuring out your Content Management System (CMS) or your developers want a second opinion; we’re here.

"Ask Us Anything" support packages

Whether it’s advice for developers, server configuration, or help entering your content, we keep it simple. You can purchase support in 5 hour blocks to take advantage of our lower bulk rates, or you can raise tickets alongside your existing infrastructure contract and pay an hourly rate.


Monthly retainers

Websites need ongoing care. Our retainers are cost-effective for customers who don't have continual internal development and design resource. Starting from two days a month, you can purchase blocks of resource to use as you see fit; add features for better user experience, design tweaks, anything you like.


Website updates

To benefit from new features and security fixes, it’s vital your CMS is kept up to date. We offer fixed-price update packages, but go beyond the average. We run the entire workflow, apply changes to all environments, check it’s working, then pass it back for final testing and approval. We support Drupal, Symfony, WordPress and Magento.


Technical audits

We offer extra assurance that your website is in top condition. Whether it’s a code quality check before final sign-off, a security review or making sure the CMS can take the anticipated traffic, we can help. Each meticulous audit is tailored to your website and your requirements, using the latest tools, technology and our expertise.


DevOps support

We include DevOps processes in our support as standard, but sometimes you need something bespoke. With our team of SysOps and DevOps experts we streamline your development team with automation, such as automated testing, continuous deployment tools, core review systems, delinting, and other clever tactics.


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