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Free 30 day trial of LocalGov Drupal on AWS

The UK's local councils have traditionally invested substantial time and money into developing sites from scratch with little collaboration around shared needs and code. This costs millions each year that could otherwise be spent on improving services.

LocalGov Drupal is a distribution and installation profile designed to assist UK authorities in publishing public-facing websites more quickly, cheaply, and effectively. It is best-in-class, fully accessible and available to all local governments. 

We're giving you the opportunity to try LocalGov Drupal for 30 days, completely free. We'll provide you with a risk-free sandbox to explore LocalGov Drupal and its features.

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LocalGov Drupal features

Content types

Create pages devoted to providing information about products and services. Service landing pages, step-by-step processes (registrations and applications) and guides.


Front end

Subsites can be used to create separately themed sections, plus create news, events, multiple types of alert banner and directories

Back end

Use the revisions and history module, approvals dashboard and a variety of patterns, styles and call outs.

Design and theme

Your LocalGov Drupal website can be built on top of our scalable base theme. Different LocalGov Drupal sites follow the same design patterns created using best-practice, data-driven components and GOV.UK's design system. Your site can be customised to match your council's brand guidelines.


It is a goal of LocalGov Drupal to meet or exceed WCAG 2.1 level AA for its content and functionality. The admin interface also meets or exceed level AA.


LocalGov Drupal's microsites functionality allows council content designers to create standalone sub-sites with basic design customisation.

Why choose Code Enigma?

Award-winning hosting services

10+ years optimising local government websites

LocalGov Drupal preferred supplier

Crown Commercial Services Supplier

AWS certified and Select Partners

ISO certified management systems

Sign up for a 30 day free trial of LocalGov Drupal on AWS

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AWS certifications

Why choose LocalGov Drupal on AWS?

We chose to host the LocalGov Drupal trial on AWS because it is user-friendly, flexible, secure, cost-effective, reliable, scalable and highly performant.

Plus, we’re Select AWS partners with a specialism in serving public sector organisations.

Our hosting team are AWS-certified, so you're guaranteed an undisrupted experience during your trial.

Benefits of trialling LocalGov Drupal on AWS

It's free

Immediate access to useful features

WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility compliant

No vendor lock-in

Option to extend to 3 months at a low cost

Extremely secure

Sign up for a 30 day free trial of LocalGov Drupal on AWS

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Councils we've helped connect to LocalGov Drupal

Cumbria landscape

Cumbria Council

AWS hosting for a LocalGov Drupal site

Read the Cumbria case study


Croydon Council

Connecting a council with LocalGov Drupal to save costs

Read the Croydon case study


Sign up for a 30 day free trial of LocalGov Drupal on AWS

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Extending your LocalGov Drupal on AWS trial


After your 30 day free trial, we'll schedule a review. If you decide to continue with LocalGov Drupal, you can extend your access for a further three months for £795.

Enjoy the full feature list, including the ability to change the theme, more freedom to customise on your own repo for 3 months, including 5 hours of support from us.


Extend your 30 day free trial with access to the same features for £295.

This will include 5 hours of free support to help with areas of the system you want to get more from.

Our multi-disciplinary team can optimise and maintain your LocalGov Drupal site.

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LocalGov Drupal FAQs

Is LocalGov Drupal mature enough to use?

The LocalGov Drupal teams are both extensive and experienced. They consist of back end developers, front end developers, product designers, interaction designers, content teams, content designers, user experience researchers and more.

There’s no council in the UK or in Ireland that has all those in one team. To have this level of expertise on staff would entail huge budgets that even the biggest, richest councils would not have.

Is it worth pooling resources?

LocalGov Drupal is a public asset that is based on cooperative principles and held by the people of the community. An overall framework comprising common components for all UK authorities was envisioned.

With LocalGov Drupal, councils are able to register for free and have access to the "basics" so that they may focus on developing new, undeveloped features instead of wasting money on what has already been developed and there for the taking.

Can we have a unique website design?

Some worry that all council websites will look the same if they all use the same template. In terms of design, LGD is template-driven and follows the government design system in the UK.

However, it is also a jumping-off point. The template doesn't mean all councils have to use the same method to build their websites. It's possible that councils have a legitimate desire to stand out from the crowd. There is some uniformity in terms of the user experience, but the council has enough latitude to design their own look and feel.

Does LocalGov Drupal support a headless or decoupled system?

Yes. Gatsby has been used to develop decoupled LocalGov Drupal sites.

In 2022, the team is focusing on microsites, which are independent from the main site and where a headless or decoupled front-end strategy can work – perhaps a hybrid approach or one way or the other, working from a base theme that is easy to tweak.