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How the open-source CMS is improving the digital transformation journey for many

Often we talk about digital transformation as a leading innovation. Digital transformation is the introduction of technology in an area of business. More, this modifies the way that business then operates, ideally for the better. Meaning, efficiency, cost-saving, adding value to customers and more.

Going digital, particularly for the public sector more so than the private (as the private sector has had the jump on this for a long time) means mobile apps, eCommerce and use of social media.

Terms like data analytics and cloud computing are becoming everyday use. And these technologies have positively impacted how companies operate.

Customers want sites, products and services that are intuitive to use. On this point, we’ve spoken a lot about how and why the public sector is going through digital transformation. Now we’ll look at the benefits. However, they’re not exclusive to government bodies:

Benefits of digital transformation

Process improvements

Automation of common, tedious and time-consuming tasks makes processes simpler and quicker. Also, there becomes little to no human error.

Find new channels of revenue

New technologies open doors to new avenues of profit that may not be possible without them.

User experiences are personalised

Customers have an expectation of having their unique needs met. And technology is here to help us meet their needs, thus delivering a fantastic user experience.

Customer experience and Drupal

Drupal is a wonderful tool for digital transformation. Specifically, Drupal 8 provides APIs that allow you to build solutions. And it’s great at engaging your potential customers through multiple channels at the same time. 

Drupal 8 has made changes to the web development scene as well as customer expectations. 

Here’s how:

Content Creation

The theming and authoring in Drupal 8 have been built for easy-use. For example, Drupal 8.6 has support for remote media types. Meaning, you can embed a Vimeo or YouTube video easily into your content. 

More, the addition of the Workspace module allows for more sophisticated content editing in a staging environment before it goes live.

Smooth installation 

The time it takes to install Drupal has been significantly reduced. Now, you’re able to quickly start benefiting from some of the powerful capabilities it has.


Drupal 8 has incredible interoperability with other useful systems such as web analytics, CRM and marketing technologies.


Security is at the heart of Drupal. In fact, it addresses each of the ten risks noted by OWASP.

Easy eCommerce

Drupal commerce modules can be used to build a great eCommerce website and/or application. 


Drupal has an active community. As such, Drupal evolves toward solutions that are needed for businesses wanting to improve their web presence.

We’ve been actively contributing to Drupal for over ten years. As such, we like to think we’re some of the best experts you can find.