An impartial review of the quality and security of your code


Our developers audit your code in a line-by-line fashion and feedback constructive advice. We help you to avoid bugs and issues that could arise later in production.

We can help with quality checking code before final sign-off. Or conduct a security review. We can also make sure the CMS can handle your anticipated traffic. We go through a thorough checklist that ensures we’ve considered everything from the process, potential issues, code maintainability. We make sure our feedback is constructive and coherent.

  • Reduce technical debt
  • Improve internal skills and knowledge
  • Avoid problems by highlighting potential issues early in the process
  • Solve those issues before production
  • Save time and costs in the long run

Why are code reviews important?

The main outcome of a code review is the proactive prevention of problematic code being pushed into production. You can locate bugs, capture missed edge cases or any design issues, and avoid anti-patterns before they’re an issue.

Enhance internal skills and knowledge

When your code is reviewed by an industry expert, your developers learn. Your team can dedicate time to new methods previously unexplored. You can complete more rigorous tests and learn to write readable code. Spend less time on negative consequences and more time thinking ahead.

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