Paris Bourse

Le Figaro Bourse

When Le Figaro needed a competent team to solve complex Drupal problems, they chose Code Enigma.

We were commissioned in October 2011 to build the Le Figaro Bourse website, which was Le Figaro's second major Drupal project.  In essence the site is Le Figaro’s online stock market presence.  The project shows us working successfully with a French client on a very high-profile project.  It has also been a project where we have had to work both with an in-house Drupal team and another external contractor and the feedback from Le Figaro on this has been extremely positive, and also demonstrated by the fact we continued to assist with ongoing development for over two years before dropping back to a support role. The project also demonstrates how a remote team can work effectively on high-pressure projects such as this one, where the requirement is for near instantaneous updating of content and data, and where even temporary outages are not acceptable.

As you can imagine, a site with as much data content as this one is an ongoing exercise so we continue to work with Le Figaro, developing new features. For example, the site now supports logins so that visitors can customise the information and notifications. We also implemented a paywall. We have also now trained the in-house team so that they can take increasing charge of the site.

The model of working intensively and then gradually withdrawing to a support role is quite common for us. We may start with an initial very intensive phase of development by a large team which is then followed up by code sprints by one or two developers.  In this case, the initial site was created and went live in under sixteen weeks, with the newspaper's finance section being frankly ecstatic to have done in four months what some rivals could not achieve in three years.

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