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An office worker stood next to a very early, and very large computer in the 1970s.

A code review is what occurs when an independent, or third-party developer audits your code in a line-by-line fashion. They will feedback constructive and helpful advice once they've finished. Code reviews benefit the organisation by guaranteeing high-quality code up-front, thus avoiding any bugs or issues later when it's too late and found in production. It's really vital to the smooth daily running of a website.

Why are code reviews so important?

The main outcome of having a code review is the proactive prevention of problematic code being pushed into production. With a review, you can do things like locate bugs, capture missed edge cases or any design issues, and avoid anti-patterns before they're even an issue.

Secondly, code reviews help your team to enhance their own skills and knowledge. When your code is reviewed by an industry expert, your developers learn from this. Your team can dedicate time to new methods and avenues previously unexplored. You can complete more rigorous tests. Your team will learn to write code that's entirely readable. They'll spend less time fire-fighting negative consequences and more time thinking ahead of time.

Code Review Checklist There's a list of things our developers consider when approaching a code review which is vital for the smooth running of the process:

  • Are there any potential issues our approach?

  • Does the approach make sense?

  • What potential security vulnerabilities are in the code, if any?

  • Is there another way to improve the time this takes, or quality?

  • Are the developers happy to be responsible for the changes made?

  • Are we sticking to best practise for that particular language, framework or library?

  • Is the code easily maintained?

  • Have we provided enough comments?

  • Are they constructive?

  • Are they clear?

  • Are they specific?

  • Is there anything we've missed?

  • Is there anything we could do differently? Once your comments are all set, go over them again and check:

  • Are all of the comments critical?

  • Or did we also provide positive feedback?

  • Are our comments specific and clear?

  • Did we give concrete examples whenever possible?

  • Are we use any words or acronyms that you may not understand?

  • Is there anything else that our developer might have missed?

Code reviews are a vital part of a healthy website. They:

  • Save time and costs in the long run

  • Highlight potential issues in the code early on in the process

  • Solve those issues before they ever see production

If you'd like to talk to us about our expert code reviews, we'd have happy to help.

Our expert developers guarantee your website is in top condition. Whether quality checking code before final sign-off, a security review or making sure the CMS can handle your anticipated traffic, we can help. We ensure improvement in velocity and a reduction of technical debt. We catch bugs and issues before they're realised in production, saving you time and promising quality up-front.

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