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Why would we work with other Drupal agencies? It might seem strange when other Drupalists are our competition, but it’s a fundamental value of what makes us Code Enigma.

Born out of the Drupal community

Drupal is based on community. That community collaborates and contributes to a product that provides solutions for as many as possible.

We take a collaborative approach with our clients. This is to make sure we’re working with them, not just for them as an abstract supplier.

And that’s certainly the case for our Drupal agency clients when it comes to supporting them with hosting solutions.

The birth of Code Enigma hosting

A number of years ago, Code Enigma decided to provide hosting solutions to complement the existing design and development side of the business. We discovered we could provide a service to other Drupal agencies. 

We were Drupal specialists first, so we understood the quirks and foibles of the CMS when it came to hosting it. We were able to produce solutions tailored to it to achieve high performance.

We soon had enquiries from other Drupal agencies looking to benefit from our hosting expertise. There are a few ways this works:

  • A reseller approach - the Drupal agency would sell our hosting solution as their own and we’d sit in the background keeping everything working smoothly
  • Collaborative proposals - in some cases, we’d collaborate on sales pitches, opening up the opportunities the Drupal agency could go for, with us working alongside them on the hosting side of the proposal
  • A supporting player - because of the broad expertise we have at Code Enigma, our support service became a useful addition to other Drupal agencies solutions. We’re a little more visible and may engage with the Drupal agency’s client directly, to support them with their hosting solution. At the same time, we’d provide support to the Drupal agency for the Drupal application they were developing for that client.

Let’s grow together

In 2019, our director, Greg met with Simon Whitaker, Head of Production at NDP Studios. He described Code Enigma as an extension of their team when it comes to hosting. They have the skills to engage with most clients and support their Drupal projects with a hosting solution, but there are times where a client has more complex needs. That’s where they partner with us. We’re really excited by the scope for this to grow for NDP and Code Enigma, particularly working with a number of the Royal Colleges.

We've also done some great things with the likes of MicroserveManta Ray Media, Error and many others.

If you’re reading this and are part of a Drupal agency, we’d love to hear from you. Hopefully, you’ll see there are a number of ways we can get involved with other Drupal projects. We may still compete against each other in other ways, but collaboration is what the Drupal community is all about.

Let's work on a project together

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