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As a direct response to the pandemic, the public sector is making increasingly widespread use of services provided by cloud computing. To meet the ever-increasing demands placed on cloud computing, an increasing number of government agencies are relying on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other cloud providers. Drupal and cloud computing are two tools that can be utilised to enhance the infrastructure of a website and thereby produce superior digital experiences.

In the States

Drupal is now used to power the websites of the vast majority of departments and agencies within the United States federal government, including NASA and the departments of energy, transportation, and justice. If you've never worked with either Drupal or Amazon Web Services before, getting a Drupal site up and running on Amazon Web Services is not going to be an easy task for you to complete (AWS). The increased complication and stringency of security and compliance regulations that must be met in order to use Amazon's worldwide infrastructure presents additional challenges for Drupal websites that are hosted on the AWS cloud. These regulations must be adhered to in order to use Amazon's global infrastructure.

It is possible for government agencies to save both time and money by outsourcing the deployment of Drupal sites on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to a reputable IT support provider who will take care of the entire process for them.

What we offer

Code Enigma offers managed services and in-depth expertise in the installation, configuration, and management of Drupal solutions on AWS to public sector websites that are interested in gaining the benefits of cloud computing while also ensuring that stringent security and compliance standards are met. These websites are looking to reap the benefits of cloud computing while also ensuring that strict standards are met.

Drupal's full potential is realised when hosted on AWS

Drupal websites that are hosted on Amazon Web Services have made it possible for government agencies to develop brand new digital services and user experiences (AWS). This includes the live webcast that NASA did of the total solar eclipse in 2017 on Amazon Web Services, which had more than 40 million viewers and was one of the earliest users of Drupal on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Drupal sites such as can take advantage of native platform advantages such as faster page loads and better server management by utilising Amazon Web Services (AWS) or another public cloud. This allows Drupal sites to keep their websites running faster and more consistently, which is especially important in the face of high user traffic volumes.

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) can assist government organisations in deploying their Drupal sites on Amazon Web Services (AWS) without the organisations having to give up the personalised attention they receive from the MSP (MSP). Code Enigma monitors the health of the applications that are running on these sites and notifies IT teams of any problems that may arise. This is in addition to AWS's trusted capacity provisioning, which may be used to control server utilisation and load balancing. In addition, Code Enigma is able to assist government IT teams in optimising AWS database management and retrieving and storing information in an effective manner, all without negatively impacting user experiences.

From enhanced performance to compliance and safety measures

Code Enigma makes it possible for Drupal solutions to be seamlessly integrated with any existing AWS infrastructure during the migration of a website. This enables the solutions to be fully customised to meet the specific requirements of any organisation with regard to security and compliance. In addition, a trained staff is available around the clock, every day of the week, to provide assistance with any issues that may arise. These issues may include complex worries regarding security and compliance.

The right managed services could be of assistance to the public sector in ensuring that Drupal solutions hosted on AWS function properly, despite the complexity of the solutions or the stringent requirements for security and compliance. It is possible for government IT teams to spend less time ensuring the website infrastructure and more time innovating and expanding public sector digital services with the assistance of a trustworthy partner who has significant expertise in Drupal and AWS.

Drupal for the public sector

Are you interested in learning more about the ways in which Code Enigma can assist public sector Drupal sites in realising the full benefits of the AWS cloud, including increased website performance and higher security? Check out LocalGov Drupal. LocalGov Drupal is a distribution and installation profile for UK government agencies to help them publish public-facing websites more quickly, affordably, and effectively. It is world-class, fully accessible, and open to all local governments.

We're both Select Tier AWS Partners with expertise in public sector sites and the one of only two LocalGov Drupal preferred suppliers for hosting.

We are currently offering a 30 day free trial of LocalGov Drupal on AWS. Sign up for a trial here.

Sign up for a 30 day free trial of LocalGov Drupal on AWS

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