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SME News Award 2020

What a week!

It all started with an unexpected parcel arriving, (I'll spare you the unboxing photos)... it was our SME News award for Best Full-Service Web Developers 2020! What a lovely surprise to receive it on behalf of our fabulous team and what a great way to start the week!


I continued working on our Code Enigma theme:

  • I introduced Laravel's Webpack Mix for our front end build pipeline, it was pretty easy to configure and works well
  • I started to refactor the theme code, key objective being to make it more robust and generic

In random developer conversation of the week, I posted this in our developer chat room:

A screenshot of a instant message chat about using different approaches to negation in PHP.

This raised an interesting point: that examples b and d are Yoda conditions, a style of comparison checking that I'm in favour of but is generally frowned upon within the Drupal community despite being the standard in projects such as Symfony. Maybe I just need new glasses and then I'll always spot the ! negation.

In other news...

I cleaned my keyboard and got my lid was published on DevLids \o/


I watched Dan North's talk BDD Is Not About Testing which he gave at the Beauty in Code conference, 2019.

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