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A smashed computer monitor

We spoke to Matthew Speller, who covered Heather's maternity leave. Here's how his first week with Code Enigma went…

Prior to joining the Code Enigma family, I was a Project Manager in a fast-paced advertising agency for over 10 years. I worked on brochures and CGI animations and images for big automotive and consumer electronics brands.

I was drawn to the Code Enigma role by both the opportunity it presented to learn aspects of a new industry, and the values they have at the core of their operational practices.

Being new to the distributed way of working, my first day had a rather inauspicious start, thanks to a technical failure with my laptop during my first meeting. My first impression of the team couldn't have been more positive, however - welcoming, friendly, knowledgeable, with a good-humoured, team-focused, approach to work.

Both Heather and Dan were great in explaining the inner workings and client relationships, patiently answering my myriad of questions to help my understanding of both how to undertake the role, and how it fits into the bigger picture. Jamie and Emlyn confused me tremendously with their technical exchanges, whilst entertaining with their humour and penchant for innuendo.

As the week progressed I was also struck by the honesty in, and collaborative nature of, client communications, something I see as key to trust in their long term development.

By the week's end, my head was swimming with new terminology, even more questions requiring answers, and a clear impression of the formidable shoes of Heather I would be attempting to fill in the months ahead. However, I was left with no doubt that this was to be expected, and that I would be working with a group of people whom I could rely on to help me, as I, in turn, try to help them, and Code Enigma's clients.

Exciting times ahead as the adventure continues :)