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Rocket that looks like Jeff Bezos going into space

Essentially, when you go directly to any vendor, they will inevitably be focused on their product.

Since we spend the majority of our time as a partner utilising the solutions on offer for the unique client's requirements, we like to think of ourselves as the “boots on the ground”. We deal with the technology on a daily basis so we're more likely to notice problems quickly and can be more flexible with solutions than the vendor. Every implementation teaches us invaluable lessons that enable us to contribute unique expertise to a project that the solution's creator may not be aware of.

Unlike most suppliers, we're much more committed to client success since we're working together to achieve the goals set out at purchase. We don't close the deal and walk away. We have an intimate knowledge of the strengths and limitations of the systems we recommend. As a result of a decade of experience, we advise our customers on the best match option.

Don't be mistaken. AWS does not want you to lose out; no one benefits from failure. They want their products to function properly, and they don't want to lose you as a client, albeit through us. However, the probability of failing or not achieving the full value of your investment increases as the time between the sale and the actual execution increases. Which is common for larger suppliers.

Of course, as the purchaser, you must do due diligence. Isn't it preferable, though, to have a partner who has a thorough understanding of your needs and is committed to helping you succeed?



Why Managed AWS?

Being accredited ensures that we continue to serve our clients with a dependable, efficient, and transparent nature.

Over the last decade, we've refined our approach to using cloud-based hosting services to meet specific needs. This formal accreditation marks the next stage in our journey and guarantees that our expertise of AWS is constantly up to date, including access to the most recent upgrades and releases from the company itself.

What’s more, we have access to account management staff at AWS that individual clients might not. They point towards specific solutions to problems or provide things like Well-Architected Reviews to give an additional level of assurance that our client is paying for the right things.

Managed AWS (in conjunction with Code Enigma) simplifies the process of administering and protecting your AWS infrastructure. We optimise the use of AWS services as well as our ever-expanding library of automated setups, run books, and automations.

It doesn't matter if a client is just starting started with cloud computing, relocating a data centre, or building optimised cloud solutions; our expertise can be relied on to achieve business objectives.

The cloud skills and experience of our hosting team can enhance your existing cloud services, allowing you to concentrate on transforming your applications into the cloud.

Our managed AWS service provides you with greater operational flexibility, increased security and compliance, and assists you in maximising capacity and implementing cost-cutting initiatives. 

For both traditional and modern workloads, AWS provides a unified operating paradigm for your entire AWS ecosystem, including detective guardrails, monitoring, security, and incident management best practices. So why not let us look after that for you so you can concentrate on your business?



Benefits of Managed AWS with Code Enigma


With us, you get all the benefits of world-class cloud storage from a company that is agile enough to work to your unique requirements. 

This could cover, but is not limited to:


Key resources that allow you to carry out computational abilities via a series of instructions used by applications and systems. These resources cover a range of different services and features.


AWS offers a variety of storage options. We will adopt best practices and ensure your data is stored, transferred, and backed up in the most efficient and scalable manner possible.


All the same functions as a traditional database with the added flexibility, capacity and security of cloud computing.

As a Select Tier AWS Managed Service Provider, we assist clients in addressing complex business requirements at every point of their cloud adoption journey.


Whether you're transitioning to the cloud or just want more assistance with monitoring, problems, or patch management, our managed AWS option offers you the flexibility to select the level of support that best suits your needs. 

Your team will benefit from the collaboration of our certified AWS cloud specialists.


Using AWS with us means we can build and manage a growing library of regulatory, operational, and security guardrails to help you stay on track. We can simplify the process of complying with compliance programme requirements by automating detection and remediation automation in real-time.

Cost Control

Managed AWS with us helps you optimise the financial side and operational capacity of your AWS estate. Plus any savings you discover decrease your managed AWS cost without sacrificing operational outcomes or security. 

It’s been reported that managed AWS customers have realised operational savings of up to a third, and AWS infrastructure savings of up to 25% while improving SLAs, security, and regulatory compliance posture.

Pay only for what you need, control your own expenses and benefit from an expertly optimised cloud infrastructure with Code Enigma.