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We asked our recent freelance worker, Nicolas Liegaux, to tell us about his experience with us. Here's what he said…

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How did you find your time with Code Enigma, generally?

I joined CE as a contracted developer in August 2019 and stayed for 9 months. It was a great experience! From onboarding to finishing the last new big feature for a client, the whole experience was amazing and very rewarding.

A few words, to sum up, would be… Quality and excellence-driven, great teamwork and focused on staff wellbeing.

What were your goals?

When I joined CE, some of my goals were to experience working in a bigger structure on bigger projects. I had to learn from others devs and progress my dev skills and knowledge.

These are still my actual goals especially learning more to better code, learn how to better interact with clients and improve workflows.

What did you think of the team?

The team at CE was really been a highlight of the experience. There is a great culture of helping each other, learning together and progress.

CE offers different communication channels like private messaging which is a great tool for everyday communication between members of the team and lets you quickly deals with issues, share information or talk about the last movie you enjoyed or share a funny GIF!

You also have the right amount of online [video] meetings to organize work and directly talk to team members or clients which is very important when being a fully remote company.

There is always room for debate over a technical issue or sharing ideas. Integrating it was a very welcoming process with the team always making sure you are comfortable and have all information needed to quickly get on board.

There is also flexibility in managing your schedule (inside the team's time frame), which let you easily manage things at home and that is a big plus.

What did you think about the culture?

CE has a fully remote company culture and is greatly focused on the well-being of its employees. From the onboarding period, you feel that CE is fully committed to making you feel at home while working with them. There is also a strong excellence-driven mindset that always pushes you to always deliver the best work.

What can you say about client relationships?

During my mission working on a British website promoting STEM education, working with SCRUM methodology, the client relationship felt very fluid. You have those different channels of communication and at the end of each sprint, there is a time to review, discuss and find ways to improve the next one; which felt very important. CE is a client company, always listening and trying to improve the process and ensure the highest client satisfaction.

What did you learn?

In these 9 months of collaboration, it helped me improved my technical skills, and to listen better to clients. I also learned a lot from other developers about the technology we use or the code we write.

CE ++

  • CE is a people company and you can see it in every aspect of the organization

  • The project team was really great

  • Fully-remote

  • The whole experience was very positive!

Thanks to Nicholas for all his hard work during his time with us! We wish him all the very best.