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The Drupal community is pleased to share Drupal 10 will be released on December 14, 2022, as anticipated. The December release date offered a number of benefits, (as was highlighted in our earlier blog), and it'll be out in less than a month.

You can find all the information you need to guarantee a successful transition to Drupal 10 on You can learn about the updated features, which include:

  • Olivero replacing Bartik as the default theme
  • Administration topic in Claro (replacing Seven)
  • the release of CKEditor 5, which has more advanced authoring capabilities and contemporary editing (replacing CKEditor 4)
  • Modern JavaScript components will take the place of some jQuery usage.
  • Under the hood, you'll find PHP 8.1, Symfony 6 (which replaces Symfony 4), and more!

The development of Drupal 10 has been a major undertaking, and the whole community is really appreciative of the incredible team of contributors for their tireless efforts. We too appreciate everyone's efforts in completing the strategic plans and criteria needed for Drupal 10!

Do you have questions concerning Drupal 10's impending release? Every other Monday at 18:00 UTC, the Drupal 10 readiness team convenes in the #d10readiness channel on #Drupal Slack. Alternatively, you can talk to us if you're interested in upgrading your existing Drupal site.