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We are excited about the release of Drupal 10 to the Drupal community. This latest version of Drupal, which was released on December 14th, 2022, ensures Drupal's long-term stability and security.

Drupal is an open-source CMS that has been steadily developing to accommodate new technologies and user preferences; now that Drupal 10 has been released, it's time to discuss this shift.

Both Drupal 9.5.0 and 10.0.0 have been released at the same time. Even though Drupal 10 introduced several improvements, Drupal 9.5 still uses the same backward compatibility layers that were introduced with Drupal 9.5.0. The upgrade process from Drupal 9.5 to Drupal 10 will be the least disruptive if you perform that update first.

What's great about D10?

  • Improved user experiences for content administrators are now possible with the new default front-end theme Olivero, which is highly customizable.
  • There has been an upgrade to the Admin Panel thanks to a new theme called Claro.
  • Improved, user-friendly rich text editing Enhancements to the WYSIWYG editor make content management easier (and prettier)
  • Content authors now have an easier time managing workstreams as a result of improved core code performance (some modules relocated to the contrib area).
  • In order to make Drupal's development more uniform, we've performed a thorough code cleanup, eliminating any deprecated code in the process.
  • A new Drupal project can be started with either Drupal 9.5.0 or 10.0.0; however, it is recommended that you use Drupal 10 wherever feasible to ensure backward compatibility with future releases.

No matter the version you're using at the moment, new functionality will only be added to Drupal 10 minor releases in the future. With careful planning, you can embrace Drupal 10 and then simply upgrade to Drupal 10.1 and beyond.

Besides a few special circumstances, APIs and functionality are identical across versions 10.0.0 and 9.5.0. This also implies that themes and modules may be compatible with both Drupal 9 and Drupal 10!

The release of Drupal 10 has received a lot of attention. Launch celebrations hosted by the Drupal community have been in full swing. Drupal fans all over the world will be celebrating the release with presentations highlighting the improvements made in Drupal 10.

Contact us to discuss your migration path to Drupal 10.