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LED star lights

It's back to work after two weeks off and I'm grateful to past me who's in the habit of writing future me a little note before he leaves his desk:

Hi Chris, your last day in the office was Monday, 21st December, 2020. You were working on [ticket number] (which is related to [ticket number] - [client] - client is not challenged for a second factor of authentication when logging in)... you were debugging using the test LDAP instance with [user account].

Good luck and have a super 2021!

Go past me!

So yes, this week has been a good one, I've been working with the support team and throughout the week... I:

  • Fixed the aforementioned 2FA issue and deployed it to production
  • Made some small CSS fixes on one of our clients' sites... I surprised myself, I didn't break anything, so that's good
  • Enjoyed our first virtual developer catch up meeting of 2021
  • Planned in some dedicated study time in March ahead of my Symfony 5 Certification exam

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