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Contributed modules, also known as "contrib", are bits of Drupal functionality that are contributed to and maintained by the Drupal developer community. These modules are occasionally funded by organisations that want to promote open-source technologies.

All contrib modules are found in Drupal's contributed modules section.

Generally, contributed projects move faster compared to Drupal core, necessitating more modifications throughout the course of a Drupal version's life cycle. You can update many modules at once, but it's recommended to do it one at a time to decrease the risk of mistakes and to isolate any issues that may arise during the upgrade.

Code Enigma's contrib

Our development manager, Dioni, recently contributed three commits. The module enables basic interaction with Help Scout's Beacon, a helpdesk solution. It allows visitors to submit support requests or chat directly from a Drupal website.

Additional to Drupal core, this module has no other dependencies, although you will need to build a Beacon on your Help Scout site.

At the moment, this is only a basic integration, but additional features will be added soon using:

Note: There is a request to review the module in progress to ensure it is covered by the security advisory policy.