Lucinda is an experienced PHP developer, who has also worked with Javascript, HTML and CSS. She has spent a number of years working with Symfony, Laravel and CakePHP, as well as building RESTful APIS. She's happiest when designing and building object oriented code, adhering to SOLID principles and experienced in Test Driven Development. She's handy with MYSQL and MSSQL, and tools such as Github, JIRA and Assembla for workflow management. She's also experienced working with virtualised development environments using Vagrant with Puppet and Docker. 

She's a strong engineering professional with a BSc (Hons) focused in Computer Studies from the University of Brighton, and currently working as our Senior PHP Developer.

When she's not doing amazing things with code, she's playing roller derby, caring for her gorgeous cats or seeking the best vegan venues Bristol has to offer.

Where are they?

Lucinda is currently working in Bristol