Justine came to Code Enigma in 2017 to take responsibility for the development and growth of the design team.

She studied New Media at Bath Uni because it used to be called New Typography - and that sounded cool! She’s worked as a designer and front-end developer, working with clients such as Chatham House, BirdLife International and the Wildlife Trusts.

She likes to focus her work on accessibility and clean typography to provide a better reading experience on the web and believes that less is more.

Having come from a Graphic Design background, Justine found Drupal through a copy of Net magazine in 2007 and had her life switched upside down (or the right way round). She has helped organise several Drupal events, including Frontend United and speaks at Drupal events throughout Europe.

Justine enjoys spending time at her allotment, with her chickens or creating concoctions in the kitchen. She has a penchant for anything floral.

Where are they?

Justine is currently working in Bristol


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