Jamie's career began back in the mists of time, when he decided to become a programmer after finishing his A levels. Working for a few different companies writing Windows apps, he eventually discovered that his interests lie more in the sort of software that helps people to connect with each other, and a developing interest in the internet and its workings eventually worked its way into his career path.

Nowadays, he can be found heading up Code Enigma's systems team, making sure everyone has enough tea, coffee or juice to get the job done, responding to clients and generally making sure our networking, servers, and databases are all happy. He's happiest when he's given a challenging problem to solve, but also enjoys looking after people.

Besides having his head in servers all the time, Jamie has a bit of a thing for tabletop gaming (he's unofficially the company's DM), and can often be found rolling dice with friends and family. He also loves being outdoors with his family, languages, history and cheese.

Where are they?

Jamie is currently working in Cardiff


Jamie wrote in our blog: