Drupal Security Updates


Code Enigma offers security updates for Drupal so your site will always be running the latest code and free from the risk of falling victim to known exploits. This product is about keeping your Drupal site as secure as possible by making sure the code is always up to date.

What is covered by Drupal Security Updates?

We offer this product in a systems agnostic manner, meaning we will provide this service for any Drupal website, on the proviso the code is properly kept in a version control system, deployment tools/procedures are clearly documented and there are at least two environments, UAT and live. The product includes:

What is NOT covered by Drupal Security Updates?

  • Updating custom modules, created by Code Enigma or otherwise
  • Updating modules/cores that have been altered from their original state in any way
  • Updating modules not covered by the Drupal security team
  • Updating modules beyond their current active branch (e.g. updating from 7.x-1.x to 7.x-2.0)
  • Unsupported versions of Drupal core (lower than version 6.x at time of writing)
  • Updating Drupal themes
  • Updating Drupal sites between Drupal core versions (e.g. 7.x to 8.0)
  • Support for your customers
  • Support for your developers
  • Support for customers/developers of a third party

Code Enigma reserves the right to charge for/remove support from modules if they come to breach any of the above. The overate rate is £100/hour (+ VAT, where applicable).

Code Enigma reserve the right to alter these terms at any time. Appropriate notice will be given to existing clients.