Content strategy workshops.


What made Code Enigma stand out was your readiness to challenge what we initially asked for.

An effective web project is one that makes a significant contribution to meeting your business and communication objectives. We start all our projects with a collaborative planning process where we work closely with you to understand those objectives and how they can be met with web technologies. Collaboration here means that your team and our work together to formulate the plan, combining our knowledge of web planning techniques, and your knowledge of your business. We then capture this knowledge into implementation plans, wireframes and prototypes that can be developed by our team or any other professional development team.


Planning & Scoping

What are the business problems you are aiming to solve through your web project? That is the key question in our planning & scoping consultancy. Through the use of stakeholder interviews, workshops, and auditing of existing material, we help your organisation to agree on project objectives, methods of engagement, timetable, budget, requirements, recommended technology approach, stakeholders responsibilites and more. 

Content Strategy

Content strategy focuses on using content to help you achieve your objectives and fulfil the needs of your users. Therefore, at Code Enigma, we believe web projects can only be successful if we understand the technical challenges in the context of the project's strategy.

Learn how we help our clients to accomplish more successful web projects overall by optimising the use of quality content.

UX & Design

We understand design is not about technology but about providing a good user experience. Therefore we prototype sites outside Drupal first so that we can test out user experience and check the site works on multiple devices and screen sizes. User needs, user experience and user journeys dictate the end result, not the technology.

Solution Architecture

Although we believe planning should be led by business and design considerations, you will still need technical expertise to think about challenges like integrations with third-party services, hosting, performance, and security. We can provide you with a team that combines design and technical expertise to address every aspect of your project planning.